Best plugin to add scrolling text in WordPress

We can add a scrolling text in WordPress website using Ditty News Ticker plugin. Ditty News Ticker helps to scroll the text to left, right, up and down. Currently few plugins are available with text scrolling feature. Ditty News Ticker plugin working perfectly without any issue. I am using Ditty News Ticker plugin on many WordPress sites of my clients.

How to get the scrolling text plugin?

Search ” Ditty News Ticker” on WordPress plugin page or go the link below

How to use Ditty News Ticker plugin?

Activate the plugin and go to the plugin home page. We can add the text, set scrolling mode and speed from here.

Features of Ditty News Ticker plugin

  • 40k+ Active installation
  • Easy to use interface
  • Up, Down, Left and Right scrolling
  • Color and speed options

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