Digital Menu Board & Food Display for Restaurants with LED TV & Pen Drive

Menu Board & Food Display

Today I am going to talk about Digital Menu Board & Food Display for Restaurants. How to make a low cost Digital Menu Board & Food Display for Restaurants using LED or LCD TV and Pen Drive in India?

What you need to make the Menu Board?

  1. LED or LCD TV (large size is more attractive) with Support of Slide Show and Photo Viewing. Most of LED TVs are now supporting all type of Image files and Slide Shows.
  2. 2. Pen Drive, Buy a quality pen drive with better speed and storage capacity.
  3. Photos (Jpeg, Png etc) or Slide Shows (Power Point) of your Special Foods and Menu Items.

 How it works?

  1. Create Images of your Special Foods and Menu Items using any Image editing software like Photoshop.
  2. Store the files to the Pendrive
  3. Connect the Pen Drive with your TV
  4. Go to Photo Viewing Section and Choose any option to view your photos or videos.
  5. You can also create Videos and Slide Shows for your Menu Board

The Benefits of TV and Pen drive based menu board

  • Easy installation and Setup
  • You can reduce printing and paper cost
  • You can attract customers with your latest offers and foods
  • Easy to update the Price and Menu items
  • Customers can easily understand your Menu and Prices
  • Your Restaurant will get more Goodwill
  • TV based display boards has more life.

Ideas with TV and Pen Drive based Digital Menu Board

  • You can put one or more Displays on your restaurant based on section, you need separate Pen Drive for each display boards.
  • TV with Big screen will get more attraction.
  • You may use your unused old TV and Pen Drive for the menu board or you can get used TVs from second hand market.

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