Spacelance Virtual Office Solutions in Kochi, Review, Price & Packages

Spacelance is the first and top one Virtual Office Solution provider in Kochi, Kerala. Spacelance was founded in the year 2012 by Mr. Boby Thomas, a young entrepreneur and IT Consultant from Kerala.

What is the Virtual Office? Who can use the Virtual Office?

  • If you don’t need a physical office.
  • If you need a prestigious Business Address
  • If you need a Corporate Identity
  • If you are looking for Affordable Zero Investment office Solution

Virtual Offices is Ideal for SMEs, Startups, Home-based businesses, Freelancers, Small IT firms, Student Entrepreneurs, NRI businesses etc.

Spacelance Virtual Office Locations:

  • Kochi
  • Bangalore (HSR Layout)
  • Bangalore (Indiranagar)
  • Chennai (Mount Road)
  • Pune (Kharadi)
  • Newyork, USA

Spacelance Virtual Office Packages:

  • Kochi –  Start from Rs. 1000/Month
  • Bangalore (HSR Layout) –  Start from Rs. 1300/Month
  • Bangalore (Indiranagar) –  Start from Rs. 1000/Month
  • Chennai (Mount Road) –  Start from Rs. 1300/Month
  • Pune (Kharadi) –  Start from Rs. 1000/Month
  • Newyork, USA –  Start from Rs. 2500/Month

Felicities and Features of Spacelance

  • Virtual Address
  • Virtual Phone
  • Live Receptionists
  • Meeting Room
  • Conference Hall
  • Co Working Spaces

Other Services of Spacelance

  • Video Conferencing
  • Smart Spaces
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Live Chat

Contact Address:


Mobile: +91 94 000 311 00

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