How to Setup Android POS System in a Restaurant? Ideas & Planning

In this article, you can easily learn, How to Setup a Android POS (Point of Sale) System in a Restaurants. The system is suitable for Small, Medium, Large Scale & Multi Cuisine Restaurants.

Ideas & Planning of Android POS Application for Restaurants:

The Example:

I am going to create a Sample Flow Chart and Planning for my multi cuisine Restaurant. I am using Android Tablet based POS system in this restaurant using Wifi and Bluetooth Printer.

Front of Restaurant:

Total Seating Capacity: 100 (Ac: 40, Non Ac: 60)
Billing Sections (Counter): Ac, Non Ac, Take a Way
Staff: Manager, Billing, Staff, Waiters

Back of Restaurant:

Total Number of Kitchens: 3
Main Kitchen, Tea & Juice Section, Fried or Grilled Making Section.
Staff: Main Chef, Department Head and Assistants, Cleaners.

Arrangement of POS System (Hardware):

Number of Android Tablets: 3 (Ac Counter, Non Ac Counter, Take a Way Counter)
USB / WiFi / Bluetooth Supported Printers on Billing Counters: 3 (Ac , Non Ac, Take a Way)
WiFi / Bluetooth Supported Printers on Kitchen: 3 (Main Kitchen, Tea & Juice Section, Fried or Grilled Making Section)

The POS Application.

The Application has mainly Two Parts.

  1. KOT Printing (Kitchen Order Ticket) Section
  2. Bill Printing (Invoice & Receipt)

We can see How it works:

Waiter Taking order from Table
Giving the Order Ticket to the Billing Staff
Billing Staff Entering the Food Items
KOT goes to Sections based on Items (Ex: Tea & Juice KOT goes to its Section)
Billing Staff making the Invoice & Receipt
Waiter Collecting the Cash
Billing Staff Finishing the Order

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