How to start Jawa Bike Dealership & Service Centers in Kerala

This article will helps you to start a new Jawa Bike Dealership and Service Centers business in Kerala.

What is the requirements to  get a new Jawa bike dealership and authorized service center in Kerala.

  1. You must have strong industry experience in same filed.
  2. High financial background and capacity to invest a large amount.
  3. Capacity to handle big transaction and leadership skill
  4. good team strength with skilled employees
  5. Marketing, Reputation making and Sales ideas.
  6. Large space for showroom, go down, parking yard and service center.

How to apply for Jawa Dealership and Service Center?

You can apply through official website of Jawa ( Jawa is now started the campaign to promote Jawa dealership and service centers across the country. Jawa will verify your application carefully and you will get the licence if your are eligible.

How much you can get return from Jawa Sales and Service Business?

You have a big opportunity to earn best sales and service commission and benefits from Jawa company. The return is based on your sales and service target.

How to market the Jawa Bikes in Kerala.

  • Digital Media Advertising
  • Road Shows and Outdoor campaign
  • News paper advertisement
  • Direct sales and marketing staff

Who is the main competitor of Jawa bikes in Kerala.

Royal Enfield motor cycle is the main competitor of Jawa Bikes in Kerala, India.

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