Ideas for Restaurants to reduce Electricity / Gas Cost up to 30%

Reduce Energy Cost up to 30%

Are you own a Restaurant in India or are you working in Restaurant Business? Learn this useful Ideas to reduce your Electricity and gas Consumption Cost up to 30%.

1. Bio Gas plant for Cooking

Make a Bio Gas plant near by Restaurant, small or Big as per your budget and Restaurant size. You can make Gas from your Food waste by using this plant. The amount of Gas is related to Food waste. If you invest more Food waste you can get more Gas as per the size of Bio Gas Plant. The Bio Gas plant can’t give Gas for all full day usage. But it can reduce your cooking cost. Always choose an experienced company or person to make this plant.

2. Small Solar Plant

You can make a small amount of Electricity by making solar panels on your roof. Your roof must have good direct sun lighting for making energy. A Small Solar Plant will cost Rs. 75000 to Rs. 150,000 in India. You may use the energy for your lighting purpose.

3. Lighting

Design your Restaurant Interior and Exterior by using maximum sun light. It can reduce your Electricity Bill. Use low power LED bulbs for lighting and avoid unwanted lighting.

4. Ventilation

Use maximum ventilation by using exhaust fans. Exhaust fans can reduce room Heating.

5. Air conditioning

If your Air conditioning section is big, Split as Two Part. Close one section at off time. Open Two section at rush time only. If your Roof top has direct sun lighting reduce heating by making another layer.

6. Natural Materials

Use natural raw materials for Cooking from wood, coconut tree etc and Collect wood wastes from factories.

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