How to start a kids play school at home in India

What is a Play School?

Play Schools are kids nursery with caring and teaching, Its specially designed for kids with age of 3-4. A Play School must have kids play area and playing toys, kids friendly room designs and class rooms.

How to start a kids play school at home in India?

Kids Play Schools is an extra income source for unemployed Women. House wife and students can easily run a Kids play school at your Home.

What is the requirements to start a play school at home?

  • Kids training and friendly Kids caring skills
  • Kids Friendly designed Class Room, Dining and Toilet Felicity
  • Toys and Play area
  • kids security is very important, your play school must have security felicities.

Important Guidelines for success:

  • Keep one or more Contact Numbers of parents
  • Keep Play School always hygienic
  • Give best foods and caring
  • Become always friendly with kids
  • Keep strong communication with parents

How much you can earn from a Home based Play School?

The income is based on the number of students. You can fix a monthly fee for caring and teaching. If you get more students, you will get more.

 How much take the Investments for starting a Play School at Home in India?

  • Kids Class Room Material like chairs, desk, sleeping bed etc.
  • Toys and study materials
  • Food serving materials


You have no more expenses. The main expenses of a play school is food serving, little more electricity and water usage in home, you may collect your expenses along with monthly fee.

The Success Rate:

It is based on your hard work, effort and personal relationship with kids. Always keep good and friendly relationship with parents. Kids safety is very important in a ply school.

The Benefits:

  • You will get a fixed monthly income
  • You are free after and before the play school timing, so you can easily manage your personal life.

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