How to get works & make money from Upwork in India

What is Upwork?

Upwork is an Online work place for freelancers. Upwork offers Freelance jobs in different sections like web designing, software and mobile application development, accounting, data entry, content writing, graphic designing etc. Freelancers can get works and Make Money using Upwork.

How to register as freelancer in Upwork in India?

You can register as a freelancer by giving your skills, experience, portfolio and contact information to the Upwork. Upwork offers free and paid member plans for making more earning using your skills.

How to get Work from Upwork?

You will get regularly details of latest projects posted by Job Owners in your Dashboard. You can bid your quote for any projects. Also you can attract customers using your previous projects. You can get projects as per your previous project success rate and your bid amount.

How it works?

If you get a job, you will get all documents of the project from the job owner. If you complete the project on time and perfectly, the job owner transfer the cash to you though Upwork payment system.

I it real?

Yes, you can find many Indians on Upwork freelancers directory. Mnay Indians has $10K-$50K total earning.

How you will get paid?

You can withdraw your balance after finishing your projects  using any online and offline payment methods.

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