Simple Flow Chart, Diagram & Modules for Restaurant POS Application

If your are going to develop a Android POS Application for Restaurants, The Flow Chart, Digram and Modules will helps you to create the APP easily. This is an simple and easy to make Flow chart, Modules and Diagram for multi cousin Restaurants.

Main Modules of Android POS Application for Restaurants.

  1. Users (Management, Restaurant Manger, Billing Staff or Waiters)
  2. Floor or Section
  3. Tables
  4. Menu Items & Pricing
  5. KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket)
  6. Invoice & Bills
  7. Payments
  8. Total Sales Reports (Daily, Weakly, Monthly, Product Wise, Staff Wise)

Users & Power:

  1. Management (Creating Users & Full Power, Permission Making for Users )
  2. Restaurant Manager (Creating Menu & Pricing, Making & Viewing of KOT and Bills, Viewing Total Sales Report)
  3. Billing Staff / Waiters  (Making & Viewing of KOT and Bills)

Floor or Section:

Creating or Editing Sections like A/C, Non A/C and Take a Way.


Adding or Editing Tables based on Section & Table Number.

Menu & Pricing:

Creating & Editing Menu Items  and Pricing for all sections (A/C or Non A/C, Take A Way)


Make KOT for Tables in users section.

Invoice & Bills:

Making Invoice and Bill for Table.


Collecting Cash using any payment modes (Cash, Cards etc)


Daily Sales Report, Weakly Sales Report, Monthly & Yearly Reports, Product Wise and Staff Wise Report)

How it Works?

  • Waiter / Billing Staff Login to their Dashboard
  • Waiter / Billing Staff can see only their own Tables and Section
  • Waiters taking order from Tables and Making KOT using the Application
  • Collecting Payments using any options (Cash, Card etc)
  • Restaurant Manger Can see Sales report (If permission allowed)
  • Management get full report.

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