How Flood Victims can get financial Help from Kerala Government?

Are you a Flood Victim in Kerala? Don’t worry! you are safe with Kerala Government. The Kerala Government has a good master plan to help flood victims in Kerala. All flood victims will get financial help from Kerala government based on their lost.

How to apply for financial Help?

For Home lost & Damages:

  1. Visit your Village office. You will get the application form for Home damages and Lost
  2. Fill the form with true and correct details and attach the proof of identity and Bank Account details.
  3. Attach photograph of your damages and lost with your application. It helps to get more trustful.
  4. Authorized officers will visit your place after submitting your application based on order and Government rules.
  5. The officers will verify and send the report to authorized department.
  6. You will get financial help as cash to your bank account based on the rules and regulations.

For Agricultural Lost & Damages:

  1. Visit your Agricultural office and apply with details of your damages and lost.
  2. Attach copy of identity and bank account details.
  3. The authorized agricultural officers will visit your farming place and you will get financial help after verification.

Common application for all Flood Victims:

If you are Flood Victim, you can get financial help from kerala Government.

  1. Visit your Village office and apply with your details
  2. Attach the proof of identity and bank account details.
  3. You will get financial help after verification

What is the Requirements to apply for Financial Help?

  1. Copy of Aadhar Card
  2. Copy of Ration Card
  3. Copy of Bank Passbook

If you are lost your identity details, you can apply online and you will get duplicates as per request.

How much money can get from Government?

You may get the financial help based on Kerala Government rules and regulation and availability of fund.

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