How to buy Thermal Paper Jumbo Rolls in India, Price & Specifications

What is Thermal Paper?

Thermal Paper is a coated printing paper specially designed for thermal printers. Thermal Papers are manufactured from chemical based raw materials. No needed Ink to expose the color, it works based on a heating system. Thermal Papers only works with Thermal Printers. This type of printers is specially designed for Thermal Papers.

Advantages of Thermal Papers

  • Easy to use and setup
  • Cost effective printing
  • No need Ink or Ink cartridges to expose image

Disadvantages of Thermal Papers

  • Printing will be hide within days
  • Price hike due to high demand and availability

What is  Thermal Paper Jumbo Roll?

Jumbo Rolls are big Thermal Paper Rolls with Big sizes. All small Thermal paper Billing Rolls are converted from this Jumbo Roll.

Approximate size of Thermal Paper Jumbo Rolls available in Indian Market:

  • Width: 400 MM
  • Roll Length: 6000 Meter

Price of Thermal Paper Jumbo Rolls in India:

The price of Thermal Papers is based on paper quality and purchase quantity. A Thermal Paper Jumbo Roll will cost in India approximate INR. 1750020,000.

Thermal Paper Rolls are mainly used for:

  • POS Billing Printers
  • Cash Register Machines
  • Banking and Payment Collection Machines
  • Card Swipe Machines
  • Bus or Toll Ticketing machine
  • Medical Billing

Types of Thermal Paper Rolls:

Paper Quality:

  • Thermal Paper Rolls are coming with different types of quality and thickness.
  • Standard Thermal Paper Roll Quality Specification: 48 GSM, 55 GSM, 70 GSM

Color Image:

  • Currently Thermal Papers are available in market with two type of Images.
  • Black in White and Blue in White.

Availability of Thermal Paper Jumbo Rolls in India:

Only few companies are manufacturing thermal papers in India. Most of Thermal Papers are coming from International Market.

Top  Thermal Paper Roll Manufacturing Countries:

  • Germany
  • Korea
  • China

How to buy Thermal Paper Jumbo Rolls in India?

You can buy it from National Market or you can Import from International Market. Oji and Hansol are most branded Thermal Jumbo Rolls available in Indian market. You can contact Indian wholesalers or you can buy directly from manufactures.

To Brands:

  • OGI
  • Hansol

Is applicable GST for Thermal Paper Jumbo Rolls?

Yes, GST is applicable for Thermal Jumbo Rolls. Current Goods and Service Tax (GST) of Thermal Papers is 18% in India.

Important Advises to buy Thermal Jumbo Rolls

  • Imported Thermal Paper has more quality and smooth
  • Indian Papers are currently available in low quality

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